Black Lives Matter – but is that true for you?

‘Tis the summer for unexplainable and unaccountable shootings and murders of Black folks by white folks, or so it seems. To say I’m tired of the racism, brutality, and unnecessary deaths of Black people is a vast understatement. It is literally like there’s something new everyday, and a big part of me feels completely powerless. … More Black Lives Matter – but is that true for you?


Yesterday, I spent the evening with a friend of mine and her mother; we grilled shrimp, lobsters, vegetable kebabs, corn on the cob, and sweet potatoes. It was a good time. My friend and I had been talking about recent dating updates, when she shared that she had gone on a date with someone who … More Touch-Me-Not

Expensive Keys

Today, during group supervision, one of my colleagues asked us to construct a “life story” given some prompts. Essentially, we were told to pretend that we were writing a book about our lives and to name each chapter, providing a brief summary of each one. When I saw today’s prompt, I was excited because I … More Expensive Keys