Planning for the Future and Reflecting on the Past

The prompt for today is poetic in its mere description of lists…at least, it is for me. I read someone else’s post who said that making lists was calming. I can agree with that sentiment, but I would add that making lists helps me to feel in control, and it gives me an extra boost of confidence when I can cross something off of my list and move on to the next task.

I’m a very type-a person. Categorization and organization (oddly) make me happy. When I was younger, beginning around 11, my best friend and I became obsessed with this website that had hundreds of personality tests/quizzes. I think that being able to give myself labels and descriptions allowed me to feel as if I was grounded, despite many things around me that seemed chaotic. I still enjoy those kinds of quizzes. The last one I (re)took was the Myers-Briggs – just to see if anything had changed. It hadn’t, I’m still an INFJ.

It’s a true statement that I have a daily list (except for right now because I’m on vacation) that I reference and add to, or mark off. If I could make a list of all the lists I’ve ever made, it would probably make me doubly happy because I would be able to mark off the progress I’ve made over the years.

Since I can’t recall them all, I’ll make a list of the ones I do remember:

  1. Life goals – including marital status, children, and types of pets (age 12)
  2. Beers I like
  3. Slang words I’ve learned from my clients and their definitions
  4. bucket list
  5. conversation topics before I called someone (mostly middle school, some high school – part of that was anxiety, lol)
  6. list of personal idiosyncrasies
  7. my most commonly referenced therapeutic interventions
  8. books to read
  9. and books I’ve read (thank you, Goodreads)
  10. Heroines
  11. My ideal partner (one from 5 years ago, and a current/running list)
  12. favorite restaurants
  13. favorite movies
  14. favorite quotes
  15. groceries (of course)

I get really excited about making lists…and even more excited when I meet someone who also appreciates list-making. Yes, it keeps me grounded, but it also allows me to reflect on where I’ve been at various moments in my life. I enjoy that kind of reflection because it shows me how much I’ve really grown as a person.


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