Taste Life Twice

This past weekend has definitely been an adventure. A friend from my home state came to visit Chicago and we spent most of the weekend doing touristy things. At some point, I met someone who seems pretty great, regarding my literal list of an ideal partner.

It happened at the strangest time, exactly one year after my last break up, and with no intentionality on my part. I could sit and explain why I feel that this *thing* has potential, but I’ve already done that elsewhere. When I saw the prompt for today, it reminded me of the time I spent with this new person, but it also reminded me of a quote by Anais Nin:


This has stuck with me for the past year, because I also read it about 2 weeks before that breakup. For me, ever since I was 9, writing has been a release, a joy, a comfort. It has helped me in moments when I thought I was helpless, and also prompted me to remember the best times of my life. Those are the reasons that I write, and why I continue to write. Just typing out that sentence reminds me of Audra Mae’s lyrics from The Bottom of Up. That song was introduced to me by a friend at one of my lowest points, and one of the lines that stood out to me was:

Cuz I know my pen’s got power over swords, I’ve got myself a weapon that sure hasn’t failed me, yet!

I most often write in prose and I enjoy it. I tend to learn so much about myself in the process. It makes me wonder what leads others to write, though. Is it for the same reasons, or is it something completely different? I love hearing new perspectives…if you’re reading, I hope you’ll share your reasons for staying on (or beginning) this writing adventure. 🙂


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